Friday, August 19, 2022

We offer a one-day hands-on training class showing how to install the RubberDek® product. We have arranged our training dates to coincide with our other training seminars for concrete curbing and RubberDek® decorative concrete for the convenience to those that would like to attend more than one of the classes available. Please call for dates and times.

The RubberDek® classes will consist of no more than 20 people and only 2 people per company. This will be on a first-come first-serve basis.

Your investment for this class will be $800 for either 1 or 2 people which will include a continental breakfast and lunch, a day of hands-on training, as well as some useful sales and marketing strategies which we find just as important if not more for you to be successful.

RubberDek Classroom Training

Also included is 1 RubberDek® Training/Sales Kit which you will use to show your customers what you are offering. (a value of $410.50)

The RubberDek Training/Sales Kit Includes:

Installation training classes are not required to be able to install RubberDek® however, we do recommend them, and they will be available once a month if you are interested in a hands-on application.

If you are unable to attend a training class, but you would still like to own the RubberDek® Training/Sales Kit, you can still attain one for $249.50 (a savings of $160.00 if purchased individually). With the combination of the RubberDek®Manual and Instructional DVD, you will be able to train your employees to successfully install the RubberDek® with confidence. With the help of the RubberDek® Brochures and Color Samples, you will have great marketing tools to help you show your new product.

RubberDek Hands-on Training

If you decide to order the RubberDek® Training/Sales Kit, and then wish to come to a training class, the cost for the class will be the difference

  • 1 Installation Training DVD
  • 1 Installation Training Manual
  • 14 Pre-mixed Color Samples
  • 1 10-cartriage Display Case of the Colors Currently Available
  • 100 RubberDek® Brochures/Color Chart